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maandag, september 08, 2014

Belgian relay champs: maps and results

Yesterday KOL won the Belgian relay champs for the 4th in a row in men's class. The Belgian woc relay team was almost 5 minutes faster than TROL. In women's class Co Liege won the relay championships ahead of OMEGA.

The report from the men's race based on some photos:

The mass start at 10h00 in the morning. Finally more than 430 runners were present at the Belgian relay championships.

Aline Hermans in front of the men's leading group at the spectatorscontrol (with Joost Talloen - OMEGA, Desmond Franssen - TROL and Pieter Hendrickx - KOL)

Again the leading group at the spectatorscontrol. At the change over, Desmond Franssen (TROL) was leading ahead of Jeroen Hoekx (HAMOK), Pieter Hendrickx (KOL) and Joost Talloen (OMEGA).

 Tomas Hendrickx (KOL) had the best legtime of all runners. During his race he passed TROL and HAMOK and changed over in first position.

 Jeremy Genar (TROL) came in as 2nd, 2 minutes behind Hendrickx.

Yannick Michiels made a 1 minute mistake towards the 1st control to make the fight for gold a bit more exciting. But finally he easily managed to reach the finish in 1st position. KOL won another gold medal at the Belgian relay championships.

Sergey Fedotsenka (TROL) came in as 2nd, 4min50 down to KOL. 

Despite his injury, Fabien Pasquasy could run away from OMEGA (Evert Leeuws) and HAMOK (Thomas van der Kleij) and took the bronze medal with HOC. 

Thomas van der Kleij could pass Evert Leeuws and finished into 4th spot with HAMOK.

The podium in class H-open: 1. KOL (Pieter Hendrickx - Tomas Hendrickx - Yannick Michiels), 2. TROL (Desmond Franssen - Jeremy Genar - Sergey Fedotsenka), 3. HOC (Tom Drygalski - Johan Tinchant - Fabien Pasquasy).

Report women's race:
In the women's race we saw a good start from Co Liege. Aline Hermans succeeded to finish into 1st spot during the first leg. She finished more than 6 minutes ahead of Saartje Sallaerts (KOL) and Mira Scheir (HAMOK). 

During the 2nd leg the gap between the leaders and the 2nd team got a bit smaller. Stephanie Blockx (Co Liege) came in as 1st, 3 minutes ahead of Sofie Heuninckx (KOL) and 5 minutes ahead of ASUB (Jessica Limpach). 

Fanny Tilkin (Co Liege) started as first one and seemed very confident about the victory at the spectatorscontrol. But in the end it got very exciting. Anna Serrallonga (TROL) and Miek Fabre (OMEGA) were chasing Tilkin and came very close. Co Liege finally crossed the finishline as first only 30 seconds ahead of TROL and OMEGA. But in the final results TROL and KOL were disqualified because one of their runners punched a wrong control. So OMEGA became 2nd and HAMOK 3rd. 

The podium in D-open: 1. Co Liege (Aline Hermans - Stephanie Blockx - Fanny Tilkin), 2. OMEGA (Federica Maggioni - Tine Bosmans - Miek Fabre), 3. HAMOK (Mira Scheir - Elisabeth Schutjes - Greet Oeyen).

Next year the relay championships will already take place in the end of March. TROL will organise the competition in 2015 in Antwerpen (Sint-Annabos).

Map H-open (Desmond Franssen)
Map H-open (Michel Bastin)


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