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zaterdag, december 28, 2013

Sylvester stage 3: Sophie Tritschler and Tomas Hendrickx

In 2012 the map Heeserbergen was used for the Belgian middle distance champs. Yannick Michiels and Aline Hermans were too strong for their opponents 1.5 year ago (results). Today Tomas Hendrickx and Sophie Tritschler showed that they were the best in Lommel during Sylvester 2013 stage 3.

Tomas Hendrickx next to Philippe Adamski on yesterdays podium

Tomas Hendrickx took his 2nd victory today and is leading the overall ranking in H21E. He was satisfied about his performance, because he completed his race without making any big mistakes (on 39 controls!). Benjamin Anciaux finished as 2nd. The previous days he complained about his bad shape, but today he performed strong again. The local athlete was only 1min30 slower than winner Hendrickx. Christoph Brandt didn't take a good start on the Heeserbergen map, but ran a good 2nd part of the race. Finally he finished 3rd and is 2nd in the general ranking. He has to beat Hendrickx the next 2 days if he still wants to take the Sylvester 5-days victory home to Germany.

Sophie Tritschler in action during the Swiss middle distance champs 2012

In class D21E the fight for the overall victory got exciting again after todays victory from Sophie Tritschler. If we take the 2 best results from the 3 previous stages, Tritschler and Ward have exactly the same score. Claire Ward became 3rd today after making a 3 minutes mistake in the middle of her race. Also Iliana Ilieva can fight for the overall victory if she performs like today. She took the 2nd spot, only 31 seconds slower than Tritschler.

Results Heeserbergen
Splits Heeserbergen
Map (H21E - Desmond Franssen)
Overall ranking Sylvester


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