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maandag, augustus 18, 2014

Flanders 3 days: maps and results

Last weekend the Flanders 3 days took place in the north of Belgium. In men's elite class Ken Peeters took the victory ahead of Benjamin Anciaux and Desmond Franssen. In women's elite class Monika Depta was outstanding and won ahead of Greet Oeyen and Anna Kraj.

Monika Depta (D21E) and Ken Peeters (H21E)

In september the Belgian relay and long distance championships will take place, so last weekend was a perfect opportunity to have some good trainings before the national champs. The competition was announced as 3 days of quality orienteering in surprising terrain near Genk. Start orienteering through fast, varied forests with detailed sand dunes. Slow down when the visibility is reduced. Then the earth starts to rise. Climb the spoil tips rising over 100m above the surroundings, admire the landscape, master the gullies and enjoy the downhill. This description is exactly what the particpants have experienced during the whole weekend.

In H21E we could see a close fight with 3 different stage winners. In the end it was Ken Peeters (who is living in Göteborg and running for GMOK at the moment) who won the overall ranking without any stage victory. Benjamin Anciaux had a good race during the 3rd stage and showed that he's ready for the world military champs next week. Finally he finished 2nd in total, only 30 seconds behind Peeters. Desmond Franssen finished in 3rd position, 2 minutes behind the winner.

The whole podium: Greet Oeyen - Benjamin Anciaux - Monika Depta - Ken Peeters - Anna Kraj - Desmond Franssen

In D21E Monika Depta won every single stage and ofcourse also the overall ranking. Last month she was still competing at WOC in Italy, representing Germany. Also Greet Oeyen performed stable during the 3 days and finished in 2nd spot. Anna Kraj from Poland finished in 3rd position, 33 minutes down to Depta.

Total results
Map H21E stage 1
Map H21E stage 2
Map H21E stage 3


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