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donderdag, december 05, 2013

Sylvester 5-days 2013: strong field

Both in men and women elite class the Belgian athletes will be in good company during the sylvester 5-days in the end of december. Last year Hannu Airila (Fin) was the toprunner at the startline and he took the victory at the world ranking event. This edition the French couple Philippe Adamski and Amelie Chataing will be the stars of the Sylvester 5-days.

In class H21E we always expect the strongest Flemish (north of Belgium) runners among the participants. This edition Yannick Michiels is still missing on the startlist, but he'll be for sure present at the 5th stage as coursesetter. His teammate Tomas Hendrickx will be one of the candidates to win the overall ranking.
Also omega will sent out some strong elite runners this year: Evert Leeuws, Joost Talloen, Jan Oeyen and Tommy Janssens will be present. Ken Peeters (back from Sweden), Jeremy Genar, Desmond Franssen and Winston Franssen will represent the Trol colours during the 5-days. Hamok is more mysterious about their elite runners. But we expect to see Jeroen Hoekx, Thomas van der Kleij, Benjamin Anciaux and Toon Melis at the startline.

Francois van der Ouderaa will be one of the few athletes from the south of Belgium taking part at this event. Also Fabien Pasquasy was thinking about joining the most interesting stage.

For sure it will not be easy for the Belgian runners to win the most important wintercompetition. Some strong opponents are ready to make it difficult for them:

Philippe Adamski ready for Sylvester 2013 (Photo:

- Philippe Adamski: got his big international breakthrough with his silver medal at the long distance in the European Champs in Bulgaria in 2010. Important part of the strong French relay team - and took a silver medal at the European Champs relay in 2010. Strong long distance runner. At Woc2013 his best result was a 12th spot (again in long distance).
- Lacho Iliev: is a Bulgarian toporienteer. He was already in the finals in Woc2003 in Switserland. He's member of the Norwegian club Halden SK as athlete and coach. In 2012 he still represented Bulgaria at Eoc in Sweden.
- Christoph Brandt: is the current German champion and member of the German national team at Woc (from 2010 untill now). He also wanted to participate at the sylvester 5-days last year, but got sick.
- Sergey Fedatsenka: the athlete from Belarus is famous in the Flemish region, since he's living in the Netherlands. Last year he showed that he's in good shape by winning the wre at Drenthe 3-days.
- Alexander Lubina: also this fast German runner is famous in Belgium. He already participated in the sylvester 5-days many times and recently he showed up at the Gp Melis. In Woc2013 he performed strong in the sprint distance.
- Francois Joly: this young French runner is one of the talents from Tad (part of the winning team at cne). He represented France at Jwoc 2010.

Also Amelie Chataing will travel to Flanders (Photo:

Also in womens class some strong foreign runners are ready for a fight with the Belgian girls:
- Amelie Chataing: Strong sprinter, but also good in middle distance. She had her best result in Woc this year in the technical middle distance. She finished into 7th position. She won the World University Championships sprint in Sweden in 2010.
- Sophie Tritschler: was 2nd in the sylvester 5-days in 2012 (results). Her best result ever is Jwoc gold in relay in 2009.
- Claire Ward: one of the strongest Brittish women. Her best result at Woc was a 7th spot in 2012 in sprint distance. This year she got 28th in the technical middle distance.
- Anastasia Denisova: got a bronze medal at Jwoc 2013 in sprint. She also represented Belarus at Eoc 2012 in Sweden. Thanks to her connection with Sergey Fedatsenka, she'll be very well prepared for the competitions in Flanders.
- Iliana Ilieva: moved to Norway March 2009, representing Halden since the start of 2009-season. Took a big step towards Top 10 with her 14th place in the World Championships Sprint in Chambery, France in 2011. Very strong WOC results as a first year senior in Japan in 2005, with 20th place on the sprint and 22nd place on the middle. 
- Laurine Loterie: also often competes in Flanders, since she's living in the north of France. This year she was part of the French junior team at Jec in France.

Laurine Loterie in action at Eyoc.

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