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maandag, november 11, 2013

GP Melis 2013: some photos

Yesterday the GP Melis took place in Mol (Belgium). Below you already can see some photos from this exciting mass start competition.

 The Melis family preparing the 2nd mass start

The 6 best runners from each category got 30sec advantage in the final race 

The chasing group tried to catch up with the leaders 

At the spectatorscontrol we see Benjamin Anciaux, Jiri Bouchal, Ivar Lundanes and Desmond Franssen. But they are all chasing youngster Evert Leeuws, who is some seconds ahead of them.

Winston Franssen and Conor Short at the spectatorscontrol. 

Evert Leeuws punching the last control and taking the victory, both in junior as elite class. 

Jiri Bouchal came from the other direction into the arena and took the 2nd spot. 
Vendula Dolezalova won the GP Melis 2013 in womens class.

The organiser discussing with the runners about the map and their routechoices.

D21E podium with Mira Scheir(2) - Vendula Dolezalova(1) - Federica Maggioni(3)

 H21E: Jiri Bouchal (2nd) - Evert Leeuws (1st) - Ivar Lundanes (3rd)


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