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zondag, november 17, 2013

Flemish night relay 2013: video

The Belgian night season always starts with a night relay. Last friday this relay took place in Westerlo (map De Beeltjes). This edition only 18 teams showed up at the startline. Despite the small number of teams, we could experience a very exciting relay. 4 teams finished within 4 minutes with Trol1 (Franssen - Laenen - Vervoort) as winner. Omega (Oeyen - Thiels - Keupens) took the silver medal in a sprint ahead of Trol2 (Genar - Van Dyck - Serrallonga).

The first leg runners are ready to start (photo: Fred Simkens)

It looks like the night relay is getting less and less popular. In 2012 in Herentals 26 teams showed up (results 2012), in 2011 in De Kluis 19 teams (results 2011), in 2010 in Heidehuizen 26 teams (results 2010), in 2009 in Zilvermeer Mol 24 teams (results 2009) and in 2008 in Bosbergen Herentals 22 teams (results 2008). So 2013 was the smallest edition from the previous years. A pitty because night races are still a perfect opportunity to train and improve your orienteeringskills.

More words to describe the thrilling 2013 night relay aren't necessary, because you can experience the competition again in this video. Enjoy it.

Flemishnightrelay2013 from Desmond on Vimeo.

Map (leg 1 - Desmond Franssen)


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