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zondag, april 17, 2011

Franssen and Fabré double

Desmond Franssen became Belgian Champion Middle Distance today in an exciting ending with just a few seconds separating the podium spots. Having won the Night-O title just a few weeks ago, Franssen is clearly in better shape than ever before.

The race in Grandvoir required the utmost concentration from start to finish. Clear open forests and tough but fast uphill running made it a race where only the best could have a chance to fight for the podium spots.

The first control already set the example for the rest of the race. Top favourites Pieter Hendrickx and Fabien Pasquasy lost time, while Franssen ran straight to the control marker. He caught up with Thomas van der Kleij, who started 2 minutes in front of him and immediately leapt in front of van der Kleij. Franssen kept it clean and lost only a handful of seconds. At control 20, there was more open space than mapped and some small hesitations by Franssen put van der Kleij in front. Van der Kleij ran away from Franssen and finished with a 20 second gap to Franssen. But it was still good enough for Franssen to beat Pieter Hendrickx by a mere 2 seconds. Fabien Pasquasy, quoted yesterday as starting only for a top 10 result, made mistakes all along the race, lost more than 3 minutes, but still finished only 12 seconds down on Franssen.

Franssen with Wiet Laenen, winner Masters B, enjoying the early spring sun after the race

In the women's class, Miek Fabré was the clear favourite before the start of the race. Aline Hermans' shape was the big unknown in her race previews. Fabré did not take any chances and ran a really strong time, which was certainly enough to win her second Belgian title of the year. She had a lead of almost 2 minutes to Hermans and more than 5 minutes to third place Béatrice De Longueville.

With this shape Fabré proved to be ready for the Belgian WOC selection races near Chambéry in two weeks. Next up on her programme is Pâques en Alsace in France.



  • At 17/4/11 18:34, Anonymous said…

    ... very happy with this Red Start Group procedure.

    also very interesting "Absolute Time graph" from SplitsBrowser. Except DF_TVdK already noticed, every Top10 ran alone !!

  • At 18/4/11 08:32, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    Not that happy with the red start group procedure. In my opinion:
    - H21 and H35 should not be part of it (they should run elite if they claim for a podium)
    - 2' is not enough in Belgium. I definitely prefer 4' between strong runners with one weaker one in between)

  • At 18/4/11 09:45, Anonymous Fabi said…

    Not happy neither and I argue as Mitch for H21 and H35.

  • At 18/4/11 14:57, Anonymous rma said…

    "2 min is not enough weaker one in between"

    it becomes difficult to program (even to build manually) the start list on a fair basis. Who will be the weaker one ?? ;-(((

    What about the mandatory insertion of a butterfly ?? Viewing the absolute graphs of yesterday, surely an influence for Desmond and Thomas.

    About HE and the use of the BEL Ranking, I fully agree, but as already written, we had to start something ! Goal reached.

  • At 18/4/11 17:01, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Well, congrats to winners. I can see the point in your discussion, but I think the area for M.chmp was poor and the distance itself as well. The middle race in Recht 2009 or this year in Nismes was by a mile better. I looked at DOPEN map and I would say - that distance is more interesting than ours. The area was so open - it is not good if you can see your control from 200-250 meters out. I saw 9th almost right away from 8th, 12th was there as well - very visible, 16th - from 300m. Probably we should use this area at the end of summer, when vegetation has grown and then is more like orienteering competition.
    I know it is not easy to find a good area, but yesterday was not the best choice.

    Arnis S.

  • At 19/4/11 11:33, Blogger dries said…

    to rma,

    is it so difficult to make a ranking at the end of the year. 1 to 100 - similar or equal to BEL-ranking, and use this ranking to make a startgrid.

    The logic I would use is following: If nr 1 of the ranking is present he starts in last position, if not it will be nr 2. If "nr last" is present he will be in startplace 2nd last. And so on.

    What do you think? Manually at least I'm sure it's possible.

    Dries van der Kleij


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