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woensdag, maart 30, 2011

1st Belgian national race in 2011: results and map

Last sunday the first national competition in Belgium took place, more exactly in Stoumont. In 2010 this map was used for the national long distance championships (results 2010). The runability now was a little bit better compared to the previous race (the effect of the snow during last winter). So the coursesetters decided to make the courses even longer than the champs last year. 15.3km (men elite) and 9.8km (women elite) were surpringly long for a first long distance race this season.

On forehand there were rumours that this race would introduce a mass start in elite classes, but finally it became a classic individual race again. The starttimes were probably 'random', it's a pitty that there is still no rule for it. Also for the Belgian champs the national commission didn't accept the Hermathenae-proposal...

Fabien Pasquasy (winner in H21E) next to his friend from Halden SK

The race itself: the terrain isn't the most technical demanding, but it was important to stay focused and to avoid making mistakes. Physically the terrain is pretty hard specially because of some steep climbs. Also the coursesetting was very nice with a few long legs which caused some routechoices (e.g. control 8 in H21E). In mens elite class almost all strong runners were present, but Fabien Pasquasy succeeded to dominate the race. He represented a Norwegian topclub (dressed in red-blue-white colours) and this made him forget his stomach problems from the previous days. Technically he performed strong and also physically he was the strongest (only in the end he was suffering). Thomas van der Kleij showed that he's ready for the season and finished in 2nd position. Pieter Hendrickx (silver at the long champs) finished in 3rd position. So actually no surprises since the top3 from the Belgian ranking were all on the podium.

Thomas van der Kleij (2nd in H21E) - photo:

In womens class Severine vanderMeulen surprised everybody by winning this event. She won ahead of teammate Dorota Kosinska and Elisabeth Henkes. Greet Oeyen (one of the favourits) didn't run her best race and finished in 7th position. Kim Geypen made her comeback after an injury and didn't complete the whole race. Miek Fabre was absent because of running springcup in Denmark (results: 11th on saturday in D21E and 13th in the relay).

The next goal for most of these runners will be the national middle champs next month (17/04).

Map and routechoices: Yannick Michiels (part1 - part2), Michael Vanbaelen (part 1 - part2), Desmond Franssen (map)
Belgian ranking


  • At 13/4/11 23:58, Anonymous JP kellens said…

    Hi Desmond,
    You mentioned in your article the problem of the startlists. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the solution Robert M proposed will be tested this year, but only during the Belgian individual championships. Moreover will the starttlist for WRE's be adapted to have the best ranked in the last startgrid, only applying to the HE/DE.
    Also bear in mind that the technical commission can only control whether the rules are properly applied and give some direction were needed to avoid problems where necessary. Have a look at the startlist for he BC Middle Distance in Grandvoir. If you need explanation why it is as it is please ask me or Robert M on Sunday.
    Anyway I think it's good that positive critisism is exercised and if people have other and better ideas of how things should be done, then they should not hesitate to forward these ideas. At the yearly conference the TC will bring them forward to the members of the federation who will ultimately accept or deny the proposals.
    Best regards

  • At 14/4/11 11:45, Blogger dries said…


    I'll try to give you some positive criticism.

    I've closely looked at the startlist for next sunday and I have a few remarks.
    The startlist of HE is for sure not an at random startlist since at the bottom of the startlist i see most favorites which is good for TV-broadcasting etc.

    In fact I see following startorder at the bottom(numbers corresponding with BEL-ranking): 10-2-106-5-3-4-9-6-7.
    nr 8 (Yannick- junior) and nr 1 (Fabien) are missing in this list. nr 106 however is in the list.

    2nd remarkable startorderin HE: in the first 5 starters we find nr 11, 13 and 14 from the BEL-ranking. Nr 12 is further down.

    3th remark is that all non-belgians start after the Belgians except 3.

    last remark is general. I see in some categories that this strategy of "placing some favorites at the bottom of the startlist" has been applied. I would be surprised if it was based on any specific ranking or logical method.

    Jean-Pierre, Robert, please give us an explanation.

  • At 14/4/11 18:22, Anonymous JP said…

    Well Dries,
    You're right it is in some places not random. The open category is built on the results of last years middle distance champs with the best ranked starting last. this is true for the first 7 slots. Than the 3 best H/D 21 and H/D 35 are placed in this start grid which is called the red startlist taing into account clubseparation rules. All others are than listed on at random basis. Since Yannick nor Fabien were in the results for Hopen middle distance last year they are taken in the at random list outside of the red startgrid.
    I'll send a mail to Robert to let him read this reply and eventually correct where I understood it wrongly.
    I hope this gives you an explanation of why things are as they are.

  • At 14/4/11 19:23, Anonymous rma said…

    logical method : YES but you have to know that the Club conferentie refuses to use the BEL Elites ranking, as it is unofficial (and only covers the Elite categories).

    Therefore I took the BVOS BEL regularity on 31/12/2010 with the Top 5 in each category (that means for example 2 Top 5 for H18 and H20 for the Junior Special class.)

    Here an error in the comment of J.Pierre who speaks about the MD championship of last year.

    For H (en D) Open, I took 7 Elites + 3 H21 + 3 H35)- Total : 13 : this is the Red Start group.

    Let's now focus on the HElites

    The whole set of the runners were randomly distributed and from the bottom of the list, I moved in the same order the runners of this Red Start group to these Top 13 places.

    Finally, in any case, even if not in this Top 13, I've added or moved) the Defending champion as Ultimate starter.
    A similar procedure was applied to the whole set of these special categories
    Remark 1 : any member of the Red Start groups, if not registered to the competition is not replaced

    Remark 2 : a runner who changes of category (Junior to Senior) is not taken in consideration and also not replaced in "Junior"

    Surely the procedure is not yet perfect but it has the chance to be reproduced on the same basis for every individual championship and finally to propose a future fair method for building the startlist.

    A meeting ot the Technical commission is planned end of April with the objective to stabilize the method and propose such a modification for the next Club Conference in feb.2012

    Let's be patient, ... and positive : any better idea welcome


  • At 14/4/11 20:36, Anonymous (bis) said…

    Dries said :...
    3th remark is that all non-belgians start after the Belgians except 3.

    We have followed the Sport Reglement : if leaving in BEL and member of a BEL club before 01/01, they are qualified and must not be rejected to the end of the list.

  • At 15/4/11 23:19, Blogger dries said…

    Thanks for the explanation.
    I think it's a big step forward. I would go for top 10 in H21E instead of top 7 in H21E + top 3 in H21A. in that case at least Fabien is also in the red start group.


  • At 16/4/11 17:25, Anonymous Fabi Pasquasy said…

    Personnaly, I still think H21A and H35 don't have to be taken into account or maybe placed behind a top 10 HE.

    A H21A or H35 can still be very competitive in HE...

    For this BK middle, I don't really mind not being in the red start group as I'm sick (fever), not trained (too much work in my house) and thus, not competitive at all.

    I'll come anyway tomorrow to run for a top 10.

    Next year for sure, I'll do better ;-)


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