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zondag, oktober 14, 2007

Gilot wins again.

At the end of an exciting race in the Belgian Sprint championship in Marche-en-Famenne, Jan Gilot (KOL) showed again that he is the man to beat this autumn. He won by a small margin to Fabien Pasquasy (HOC). At the spectator control, Pasquasy still had a lead of 10 seconds, but the final part of the course had some surprises for him. Last year's Belgian champion Pieter Hendrickx (KOL), had to settle for third place.

You can find their route choices on the map. Gilot in green, Pasquasy in red and Hendrickx in blue.

Pasquasy, Gilot and Hendrickx

HE podium: Pasquasy, Gilot, Hendrickx

In the DE class, Aline Hermans of CO Liège won, also by a small margin to Kim Geypen (Omega). In third place, with more time difference, there was Severine Vandermeulen (also CO Liège).

Geypen, Hermans, Vandermeulen

DE podium: Geypen, Hermans, Vandermeulen

Today's event by Balise 10 has set an example for future sprint championships (in Belgium, that is). Results for the spectators at the spectators control and a speaker in both Dutch and French, together with the magnificent weather made it a very enjoyable stay in Marche. We would also like to thank the speaker for his continuous stream of publicity for "De laatste post".

Quick recap of the results:


  1. Jan Gilot
  2. Fabien Pasquasy
  3. Pieter Hendrickx


  1. Aline Hermans
  2. Kim Geypen
  3. Severine Vandermeulen


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