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maandag, juni 11, 2007

Poll World Cup

This wednesday the first World Cup event of 2007 will take place in Lapua. When I was searching for a citymap of Lapua I found out that Lapua is more known for it's ammunition factory.
picture: Ammunition made in Lapua-Finland
I found this information on "Wikipedia":
Lapua is also home to a large ammunition factory, which commenced operations in 1927 as the State Cartridge Factory. This factory was the primary supplier of ammunition to the Finnish Army during the Winter War and World War II.

The first World cup will also be a war between the big federations. The more people that go to the final, the more people can take part in the next World cup race in Norway.
Just vote on this poll (make suggestions if you want to add other names to the poll)
Who will win World Cup Sprint in Finland?
Thierry Gueorgiou
David Andersson
Matthias Merz
Tero Fohr
Daniel Hubmann
Valentin Novikov
Holger Hott Johansen
Jani Lakanen
Jarkko Huovila
Emil Wingstedt
Matthias Muller
Pasi Ikonen
Damien Renard
Fabian Hertner
Niclas Jonasson
Jamie Stevenson
Oystein Kvaal Osterbo
Olle Karner
Audun Weltzien
Mats Haldin free polls

In woman's race there are always less favorites. Just one name for each big country is enough:

Who will win the woman's sprint World cup final?
Simone Niggli Luder
Minna Kauppi
Helena Jansson
Marianne Andersson free polls