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dinsdag, februari 20, 2007

4th day POM: Maps + pictures

There were no big surprises expected for the last day of the Portugal O-meeting. Thierry Gueorgiou and Dana Brozkova had a big lead after three days and they won their race easily.

1. Thierry Gueorgiou
2. Damine Renard
3. Oli Johnson

1. Dana Brozkova
2. Ingunn Fristad
3. Anne Marie Bleken

In this Portugal O-meeting there were about 1500 competitors. A lot of Scandinavian runners were looking for some sun in Portugal. They were a bit unfortunate this year. Next year they have a bit more chance because POM 2008 will be in Algarve (South of Portugal - near Africa :-))

One of these scandinavians was Jörgen Martenson. It was nice to see this big champion in action in the stones. The first day he became 4th. About 2 minutes after Frans Laenen (De Wiet). This was a bit of a surprise however Frans is dominating in M45 class in Belgium.

Today however it was a battle between Jörgen Martenson and a portugese runner José Fernandes. It seemed that Jörgen would win with all his experience. But he mad a mistake at the second last control and lost the race.

Something maybe even more exciting was the Mass start. About a 1000 runners would have to start at the same time. Maybe this is why the organiser called it the rabbit day because I didn't see any rabbits out there (probably too cold). The start was at a nice location, just at the foot of a stony hill. It was a bit like a Jukola-start. The map itself was like the 2 first days. A lot of stones and not a single tree.

POM Results
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  • At 21/2/07 10:56, Anonymous JennyJ said…

    do you have any more results???

  • At 22/2/07 10:00, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    hi, you can see the results at . Did you liked POM2007? we are about to have another this wekend.


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