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zondag, februari 18, 2007

MAP of Portugal O-meeting

The race of today was one of the first big meetings between top runners of Europe. Thierry gueorgiou, Daniel Hubmann, David Andersson, Michal Smola, ... many others appeared at the start of this WRE. Over 200 Elite men were inscripted. In women's class there were also some very big names present like Dana Brozkova and Simone Niggli.

The weather was much better than yesterday, the course was perfect. The course was mainly in open areas covered with thousands of stones. Sometimes this made it not easy to navigate because you had to watch your feet. Anyway the best runners managed to run a time which was far faster than the expected winning times: 61' instead of 80-90'.

The course itself was very beautiful. Starting of with a big hill and some nice controls, going to the butterfly which was mainly in a special kind of portugese forest. After that a long and fast leg to control 17 on which you had the possibility to preview the rest of the course.


  • At 14/3/07 01:29, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Is it common to have 30 controls on a course that takes 60-90 minutes? Are there any splits of some top 10 runners posted anywhere?


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