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maandag, februari 19, 2007

3th day of Portugal O-meeting (with map)

The third day of this Portugal O-meeting was called « The perfect day ». Half of the course was in open area, the other half in rather open forest. Again a very stony underground. Hard to run, but fun for technical orienteering fans. The late starters were a bit unfortunate because it started raining at 15h. It was a very demanding course of 4.6km and 215m climbing. Concentration from start till finish was necessary. A very nice course setting with one very nice route choice to control number 7. (Passing the mark of first aid seems to me the best choice)

Again there were big time differences between the best runners. Probably nobody managed to do ‘a perfect race’ on this perfact day. Thierry Gueorgiou did one big mistake (1’30) at control number 17 but still had a cracking time of 33 minutes. When we left nobody could get close to that time. Daniel Hubmann was in 2nd place, Oli Johnson in third. Both with 37 minutes.

Tomorrow will be a chasing start. Thierry Gueorgiou will have a big gap on the second runner Oli Johnson because the Swiss runners didn’t run the first day. Fabien Pasquasy was in 7th place when we left the arena.

Results of the Belgian runners today :

Fabien Pasquasy : 45’
Joost Talloen : 50’
Etienne Van Gasse : 50’
Dries van der Kleij : 55’
Christophe Bernard : dsq


  • At 19/2/07 19:53, Blogger Heun said…

    Mmmmh, tof, tof allemaal, het seizoen is precies weer op gang vertrokken. Portugal moet ik blijkbaar bijzetten op m'n verlanglijstje van nog te oriënterende landen.


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