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zondag, februari 18, 2007

WRE Portugal O meeting

Unoffical results of the race today (WRE):

1. Thierry Gueorgiou 61'
2. Damien Renard 62'
3. Daniel Hubmann 64'
Fabien Pasquasy 71'
Etienne Van Gassen 76'
Christof Bernard 82'
Joost Talloen 89'
Dries Van der kley 106'

the whole map

As you can see in the results Gueorgiou, Renard and Hubmann are already in good shape. Other runners like Roger Casal and Francois Gonon still have to improve.

More information in french: here


  • At 19/2/07 17:40, Anonymous Pasquasy said…

    Super terrain...

    Some mistakes in the beggining (5min) and tired legs from training camp in Mira. But still quite good...


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