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vrijdag, januari 12, 2007

Pieter Hendrickx and Greet Oeyen: victory in the Belranking 2007

The Belranking is a national ranking computed according to the IOF world ranking rules. In 2006 30 competitions spread over the year were selected for this ranking, divided in three classes: LOW (regional events), MEDIUM (national competitions) and HIGH (championships). The 5 best results are considered for the ranking. The ranking, although not a goal on itself, provides a very nice overview of the Belgian athletes’ performance during the last year.

Pieter Hendrickx proved to be the most successful runner this year thanks to his victories at the Belgian championships sprint and middle distance and a second place at the classic distance. These excellent results together with his 20th place at WOC sprint make 2006 an unforgettable year to him. Last season was not a good one to Fabien Pasquasy (e.g. he had to miss WOC due to an injury) but he still ended very closely at the second place, followed by Jan Gilot, the winner of the Belgian championships classic distance. Remarkably, top 3 of H21E is clearly separated of the rest of the ranking.

Greet Oeyen won convincingly in D21E with 1 first and 2 second places at the Belgian championships. Veerle Tulleneers and Kim Geypen complete a Flemish top 3. Aline Hermans resumed competition in late summer after her pregnancy and still ended at a fifth place. Junior Miek Fabré ended at the 6th place.

Top 10 – Men

1 Hendrickx Pieter 7757
2 Pasquasy Fabien 7718
3 Gilot Jan 7645
4 Delobel Bart 7302
5 Bernard Christophe 7132
6 Simkens Geert 7088
7 Bastin Michel 6982
8 Sillien Nicolas 6831
9 Talloen Joost 6826
10 Herremans Tom 6745

Top 10 – Women

1 Oeyen Greet 7183
2 Tulleneers Veerle 6618
3 Geypen Kim 6445
4 Bastin Véronique 5835
5 Hermans Aline 5835
6 Fabré Miek 5516
7 Van Opstal Lieke 5467
8 Dams Tinny 4855
9 Sallaerts Saartje 4847
10 Crettels Leslie 4716

The complete ranking you can find here.