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dinsdag, december 19, 2006


Many athletes and national teams have been waiting for this calendar.
Now it is online on the IOF-site until april 2007.

Belgium has already 1 events on this calendar.
18-03: Interland Match 'EOC-FRSO-NOLB-VVO-WTB'. This event is one week before Spring Cup and therefor it is an excellent event to start of the season 2007. The event is on the map of world cup 2002 in Belgium: "Chiny".

09-04: the last day of 3-days of holland also is a WRE.

2 other events are still coming: One of them will be one of the very last events of the year: 5th day of Sylvester 5 days : 30th of decembre 2007.


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