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woensdag, januari 10, 2007

New Zealand orienteerer almost murdered by a criminal

Kate Rea, a member of the New Zealand Junior Team, is lucky to be alife!

A few days ago, Graeme Burton, a criminal who is already on the run since before christmas, left one man dead and four others wounded on the hills above Lower Hutt.
Two of those wounded people were Kate Rea and her dad Nick.

Nick suffered a broken nose and Kate was hit in the neck by shrapne
Police have released further details on the capture of convicted murderer Graeme Burton, saying four people were injured and one killed before they shot down the fugitive on a bush track in Lower Hutt last night.

When he was captured Burton was on a mountain bike armed with a shotgun. Detective Senior Sergeant Shane Cotter said police shot him in the leg and he was now in hospital but his injuries were not life threatening. He did not fire when captured by police.

Kate and her father were mountain biking and they said they encountered Burton on the track.
Kate told the police Burton said: "There's one guy already dead back there you want to co-operate."
Detective Senior Sergeant Shane Cotter says one of the injured cyclists is in a serious condition, and Burton is under guard in Wellington hospital.

We are very glad that Kate survived this horrible adventure and hope this doesn’t stop her for future training. Kate, who is a member of HVOC (Hutt Valley Orienteering Club), was selected for Jwoc this year in Lithuania.