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maandag, oktober 02, 2006

RESULTS Qualification Race Middle Distance

One A-final for Belgium for Fabien Pasquasy finishing in 15th place.

Damien Renard out of the final. Holger Hott Johansson only in 14th place. Here the top 5 in every qualy.

1.HUOVILA Jarkko 27:55 FIN
2.LÖWEGREN Fredrik 30:16 SWE
3.IKONEN Pasi 30:53 FIN
4.WINGSTEDT Emil 31:21 SWE
5.KERSCHBAUMER Gernold 32:29 AUT

1. GUEORGIOU Thierry 27:04 FRA
2. FOHR Tero 29:19 FIN
3. ADAMSKI Philippe 30:30 FRA
4. NIELSEN Christian 30:49 DEN
5. MUELLER Mattias 30:50 SUI

1. HUBMANN Daniel 30:25 SUI
2. ANDERSSON David 31:43 SWE
3. LAKANEN Jani 32:13 FIN
4. NOVIKOV Valentin 32:19 RUS
5.KRATOV Oleksandr 32:22 UKR

3 winners of the qualification are for sure 3 big favorites of the final as well. Tero Fohr probably is the fourth favorite.

Who is the biggest opponent for Thierry Gueorgiou?
Tero Föhr
Jarkko Huovila
Daniel Hubmann
Free polls from

No Simone Niggli-Luder, Marianne Andersen or Kajsa Nilsson...
Jenny Johansson, Radka Brozkova and Helena Jansson win their race.

1.JOHANSSON Jenny 24:05 SWE
2.MUELLER Lea 24:59 SUI
3.RANTALA Maria 26:13 FIN
4.BROZKOVA Dana 27:15 CZE
5.ELDER Rachael 27:45 GBR

1.BROZKOVA Radka 24:13 CZE
2.ENGSTRAND Emma 24:15 SWE
3.CHATAING Amélie 25:10 FRA
4.NIGGLI-LUDER Simone 25:34 SUI
5.MOE Lene 25:49 NOR

1.JANSSON Helena 25:53 SWE
2.GEMPERLE Sara 26:27 SUI
3.ANDERSON Marianne 26:30 NOR
4.NILSSON Kajsa 26:53 SWE
5.STARA Zdenka 27:35 CZE


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