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zaterdag, oktober 21, 2006


Emil Wingsted won the ultralong distance race Blodslitet in Norway. He had been in the leading group with 7 for a long time. In the sprint(photo) he was faster then Anders Nordberg. The Swiss Dominik Koch ran in to third spot.

Anne Margrethe Hausken won the womens class. Because of the gafflings she ran away from the leading group, and in the end she was 2 minutes in front of Marianne Andersen. Third was Marianne Riddervold.

Olav Lundanes and Ingunn Weltzien won the junior classes.

Men - 25,1 km
1. Emil Wingsted SWE 2:34:23
2. Anders Nordberg NOR +0:05
3. Dominik Koch SUI +0:10
4. Michele Tavernaro ITA +0:19
5. Emil Lauri SWE +0:25
6. Simo Martomaa FIN +0:54

Women - 14,7 km
1. Anne Margrethe Hausken NOR 1:46:31
2. Marianne Andersen NOR +2:07
3. Marianne Riddervold NOR +4:59
4. Franziska Wolleb SUI +5:14
5. Irene Beate Øhrn Arnevik NOR +10:00
6. Yvonne Gunell FIN +10:05



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