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vrijdag, oktober 27, 2006

Andersson replies to Gueorgiou.

With Thierry recently talking about the things that happened between them at the World Cup relay in France on his website, David Andersson gives now a reply on his own website.
Here a translation of what he has to say on the incident:

“This year’s season has been succesful and I feel I am on the right track for the future. It was of course a disappointment not to achieve my goals at WOC in Denmark, but with highlights as EOC gold in the relay, Swedish champion relay, as 2 individual 4th spots at the World Cup final in France, I have even managed to get a star like Thierry Georgiou loose focus!
Thierry has described the final moments in the World Cup relay in France on his website , we both mispunched at the second last control. This mispunch was one of the many mistakes I have made the last half year (missed a control, mispunched, broken shoe). These sloppinesses is something I’ll start working on for next season. For the rest I have learnt something about tactics for the final moments in a relay: I definitely function better in a more offensive role as at EOC relay than in a defensive role as I had in France. And, even if you have won 3 World Cup races in a row, you can fail…” from David Andersson's website

Thierry’s side of the story (from his website) :

“After four really good individual performances, I was wishing for a last good race on this terrain. But with the relay, I ended my week with a spectacular crash…. "
He then goes on: “…. I saw then the back of a Swedish runner (David Andersson) and immediately remember what our coach Petter Thoresen told us at the end of the European Championship's relay : Never loose again against a Swedish runner.
Once in the area of control 20, I was maybe preparing already too much the final last meters when I saw a control. I punched it without checking the code. What a mistake.
Game was over, and the end of the course belongs thus to anecdote. Meanwhile going to the last control, I stopped in the middle of some green area, and David Andersson said to me “you can continue 'cause I will follow you anyway…”. I felt a little bit angry and decided to try to stick to Petter’s sentence…”

I guess this is not the first story of things happening and being said between runners when ending up together in the forest....


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