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maandag, juni 22, 2015

Serrallonga and Serrallonga win in Wéris

Yesterday a hilly long distance race took place in the south of Belgium (in Wéris). A challenging coursesetting with several routechoices made the competition interesting. Finally Marc Serrallonga took the victory in men's elite class and his sister Anna Serrallonga was the best in class D21E.

In men's elite class nobody succeeded to complete the race without mistakes. In the end it was Marc Serrallonga from Spain who was some seconds faster than Sergey Fedatsenka (representing the Netherlands since last month) and Fabien Pasquasy (who made his comeback in elite class after an injury). Serrallonga commented: 'I enjoyed the course and forest. The runnability was good, so it often was possible to run straight. It was also nice to meet a hilly terrain, which maybe suits me better than the Belgian athletes. Ofcourse i was happy about the result.' Probably we'll see him more often in the Belgian forests starting from september, because he'll start studying in Rotterdam for 1.5 years.

Marc and Anna Serrallonga training in rainy Antwerpen

In class D21E Anna Serrallonga took the victory. She was 2min30 faster than Greet Oeyen and Mira Scheir finished in 3rd position. For Serrallonga it was a testrace for the WOC long distance race, specially the rainy weather can be relevant.

Several H21E athletes (Serrallonga, Pasquasy, Franssen, van der Ouderaa,...) uploaded their routes in worldofo 3Drerun. It's interesting to analyse the race, mistakes and routechoices in replay.

Map H21E (D. Franssen)