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woensdag, september 24, 2014

Jec-interview with jwoc-stars

There is only 1,5 weeks left until JEC so we decided to warm everyone up with an interview with the jwoc stars who are also running in JEC. We choose to interview 2 boys and 2 girls, Miri Thrane Odum (Denmark), Sara Hagström, Assar hellström (Sweden) and Jonas Egger (Switzerland). I asked them few questions about their past, future and of course about the JEC that is about to happen. The interview will contain several serious questions and one fun question at the end!

 Sara Hagstrom with jwoc gold

Question: Have you ever been running in Belgium?

Assar: Yes I have been running in Belgium before and it was really fun to be able to add a new country on my collection. Unfortunatly it wasn't one of my best races, it was night orienteering with a lot of stuff on the grounds and very flat. Unfortunately it was one of my worst races ever technically. So I am really looking forward to better terrain, better courses and better performance from myself for JEC.

Miri: I have never been to Belgium before, so I realy look forward to trying to orienteer in a new country. If the terrains are as nice as Belgian-chocolate I think, it will be very good!

Sara & Jonas: I have never been there.

Question: Do you know what to expect from the terrains of JEC? Does it fit your skills?

Sara: I know the terrain is very flat and that will be a huge challange for me. I have sometimes troubles with my compass, mainly because I use a wrist compass and I can't take as good bearings with it as a thumb-compass but on the other hand I am used to my wrist compass and it is never covering my map. But as long as there are enough details to read the map, it shouldn't be a problem for me.

Miri: Looking at the maps from long and relay, some parts are similar to what you find in Denmark, quite flat and the sand dune-details looks similar to some part of Denmark. It seems from the map, that there will be a lot of direction running and that is a lot like Denmark too, so I think it will fit the Danes good. I am looking forward to see how the running in the sand will be! The sprint map looks fun aswell!

Jonas: I heard the terrains will be very fast. Fast is always fun, I wouldn't say fast would fit my orienteering skills but I like new challanges.
wrist compass that Sara Hagström is using
Question: What are your expectations for JEC? When do you consider it a success?

Jonas: I don't know which countries are participating, but it would be nice to finish the season on the podium.

Miri: I won't put a number to when I'm satisfied at JEC. I think when I focus on the right things and keep my mind together I have the capacity both physically and technically to be among the best. Of course I also want revenge from JWOC because I am not satisfied with my performances on middle and long. I will focus on keeping myself engaged with orienteering, and I've been working with how to start my race and how to get back into focus. JEC is a good opportunity to try out something on a championship. It is only 2-3 times a year we have junior championships, so it will be good to compete against all the best juniors once again. It is a very good chance to do the things that went well on JWOC and then learn from the mistakes, do what you didn't manage to do at JWOC.

Assar: JEC will be my last appearance as a junior in the national team and I really want to get a good feeling before I start my senior years as an athlete. I want to make very good races with the feeling that I couldn't have done it better. That is my goal for JEC, but of course it would be really nice to come home with some medals as well.

Sara: When I manage to control my orienteering, when I have been running in the flow. Equally important for me is to have fun in the forest and to meet up with my friends

Assar in action at eyoc!

Question: For some it is your last year as a junior, how do you look back on your junior career? And where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Assar: In 5 years I could be doing anything and live anywhere, I don't have a clue. But right now after this incredible fun season with JWOC and the good results I accomplished there my biggest dream is to be one of the world's greatest orienteers, a world champion! I really hope that my life turns out so I could make this dream happen and become a reality.

Miri: I have one more year left as junior (thank god!) and I think JWOC in Norway next year will be legendary. But so far I have really enjoyed my junior career, and it’s fun looking few years back to my first JWOC, in Slovakia. Each JWOC-preparation has been different and I have been feeling strong in different things from year to year. My two strongest memories in my junior-time the last three years is, from Slovakia at the longdistance, where it was absolutely awesome terrain and I ran one of my worst longdistances - I missed about 20 minutes, but the terrain was so nice that it was fun anyways. The best memory is from middledistance last year, where I made everything work that day and kept my mind on the right things. I learned a lot from both things. I’m glad I'm not senior yet, the time has gone really fast.

Sara: I have one year left as a junior, I am just 19. But my time as a junior was already very good. I had a lot of oppertunities to gain experience. I think this will be very important for the future. I truly hope that I will become an elite orienteer in 5 years and that I can feel the same happiness towards orienteering as I feel it right now.

Jonas: It is my last year as a junior. I have made some big steps the last years. I was never injured for a longer time and I hope it will continue like this. Then everything is possible and I will try to establish this also in the Elite Class.

Miri running towards gold at middle in jwoc 2013 

Question: Do you have any idols in orienteering? Did they inspire you? 

Sara: I have many orienteers I look up to, but especially Simone Niggli played has always been a big role model and I am really impressed by all the Swedish seniors in the national team.

Miri: I’m inspired of a lot of people, and I think it helps me develop. It’s really interesting to see how other orienteers do it, and I use a lot of what I see and then develop it my own way, to make it fit my way of thinking and training. It’s maybe a cliché but I’m really inspired by Simone and Thierry, their way of orienteering is just a whole other class and I think their level has contributed to raise the level all over for a lot of runners. I’m inspired by some older stars and legends, because their way of living and training are so extreme, compared to how many runners do it today. I’m inspired by my teammates and other runners of my own age in the orienteering world and by other running environments like the track and field groups because they train in another way. If I should name a person near to me, it must be my older brother, Marius. He has been sick with borealis for soon 16 months, but he keeps fighting and focus on what he can do. And seeing him not orienteering, made me realize how fortunate you are when you can run in the forest, doing the most awesome thing in the world. So I'm both motivated and inspired by that, and hope that he soon will be able to run again.
Jonas: Yeah, there are of course some idols. Thierry with his amazing orienteering skills and also Jani Lakanen as the only orienteer who won WOC medals in three decades are great personalities of whom everyone can learn something. I am not naming any Swiss orienteers now because there are just too many to admire ;)

Assar: Of course I admire Thierry, after all those years he has still got it, he is one of the biggest orienteers ever! You can always learn something from looking at his races. Otherwise it is really fun to have one of the best Swedish orienteers in my club (OK Ravinen). It is very nice to train with Gustav Bergman (or Bergwoman ;)) and I have learned a lot from him, not only as an orienteer but also as a friend.

Jonas in action during jec!

Question: You all became prize winning top juniors, what differs you from the other juniors that don't win the prizes. 

Miri : I think I'm good at focusing on the right things and doing something about the things I can actually do something about, and I'm good at accepting changing situations. I think I am good at pushing really hard and 'killing' my legs, both at trainings and competitions. I am good at not letting mistakes disturb my orienteering and getting back in flow after missing. Often I run a lot better after the mistakes and I don't give up. So next step is figure out how I run well without making mistakes! ;)
Jonas: I think I find out how I have to correct my mistakes which I do fast and know my body and how I should train it well. General I would say I train intelligent and effective.

Sara: I think I have a really high “lowest” level on my courses. I don't think I am that much better runner or map-reader then 2 years ago, I just have been better with mental training before big championships, I know how to handle my thoughts.

Assar: It is really hard competition here in Sweden to get selected for the national team. I think one of the main reasons I was in the team was because I am very stable in my results. This year I have made top results in almost every single competition. I maybe didn't win all of them but neither did I do a very bad result.

 Question: Imagine that you will be world champion in 10 years from now and you are re-reading this interview, what would you like to say to yourself? 

Sara to future Sara: I am very impressed by you(myself?) and try to enjoy thinking about the road you have been following from JEC till now(then?)

Assar to future Assar: I am really proud of you darling! I know it is tough that you need to build a new medal cabinet to make room for your woc medal! Say hi to your beautifull girlfriends of yours and I really hope that you are doing your rehab-excercices to keep you out of injuries. But if I know you well, which I do, I know you don't give a damn. Keep in touch brother.

 Miri to future Miri: Congratulations future Miri! You should have eaten more waffles and chocolate while you were at JEC in Belgium! But it was good that you remembered to get your shirt signed by Toon Melis. Remember: Left is always fastest, and orienteering is the best thing you can do. You better win the world masters one day - See you on the other side!

Jonas to future Jonas: Congrats you're awesome and don't forget to look sexy.

 Fun Question for Sara Hägstrom: Does your future husband have to be an orienteer? Sara: I don't think he absolutely has to be an orienteer, but it is for sure a big plus. If he is not an orienteer I will make him orienteer.

Fun Question for Assar Hellstrom: If you win JEC this year, are you gonna kiss the second guy? And who would be your favourite guy then? 

Assar: If I win JEC this year I hope I can kiss the winner in women class, so yes! I will definately kiss her if I win. But Anton Johansson will always be in my heart!

Fun Question for Miri Thrane Odum: How would your perfect orienteering boyfriend look like?

Face of Oscar Sjöberg. Hair of Sonic(you all know who). Body a fusion between Assar Hellström, Jonas Egger and Sara Hagström and mapreading of Simone Niggli.

 Fun question for Jonas Egger: What is that song that the swiss are always singing when someone is on the podium? 

Jonas: hahaha, that's an easy one. "-Name- läng mer ad banane" but no explanation in english!!

After a few more questions about the song. 

Jonas: I can only tell it has to do something with a banana otherwise I will be kicked out of the junior team when I tell this one!

If there is someone who knows the meaning of the pfrase feel free to comment it under this article!