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zondag, september 06, 2009

Omega wins Belgian championship relay

Today club Omega was outstanding in elite class. They won both men and womens race in Pijnven. In womens class, they (Geypen, Fabré and Henkes) won by a big margin ahead of Asub and Hamok. In mens class, we saw a very close fight. Joost Talloen performed really strong as 3rd leg runner and won a long sprint against Dries van der Kleij (Ham ok). Hoc (Drygalski, Tinchant and Pasquasy) finished in 3rd position.
450 participants were present at this national championship. Everyone enjoyed the competition and was very pleased about the organisation. Belgium needs more relay competitions organised this way.

Map part 1 - part 2 (routechoices Niels-Peter Foppen)

Omega won het BK bij de dames en heren elite. De vrouwenploeg had een ruime voorsprong ASUB en hamok. Bij de mannen was het een spannende wedstrijd, waar Joost Talloen een langgerekte sprint won van Dries van der Kleij(hamok). Hoc werd derde op een vijftal minuten.


Video by Jan Delobel


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