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vrijdag, augustus 21, 2009

Close fight between Oma and Terkelsen at the 5days in Spain

Last week an international 5-days orienteering competition took place in Spain. The place to be was Aguilar de Campoo (close to Santander) in the north of Spain.
A lot of challenging maps and terrains were waiting for the athletes during their competitions. Only 2 long distance races (together with 2 middle and 1 sprint) sounds like an easy competition, but the sun and the hot weather made it tough. For the very fit people, the organisation prepared extra races every day like a night race, night relay, beer-o, micro-o and even o-canoing. The De Neyer-brothers (Belgium) participated in all activities and afterall they were tired and also very satisfied about the organisation.

Mario Silva (H21E - Portugal): King of sprint and king of the girls

In 'Hombres elite' good old Chris Terkelsen (representing a Spanish team) dominated day 1 and day 2. He won twice with a little margin ahead of the Czech runner Jakub Oma (5th at the national middle champs a few years ago). During the sprint and after the restday, the situation became different. Oma won 3 competitions in a row and won the 5days-event exactly 3 minutes ahead of Terkelsen. Lluís Bedós Bonaterra (ESP) took the bronze medal.

In class 'Damas elite' the fight for the victory was even closer. After 4 days Michaela Gomzyk-Omová and Veronika Krcalova (who had some nice results at JEC and JWOC the previous years) had both won 2 days. Krcalova was some time behind before the final stage, but she performed very strong and won the multiday event with only 15 seconds ahead of her friend (both representing Czech Republic).
Anna Serrallonga Arqués (ESP) took the 3rd position before the very professional Portugese girls (but these girls got bad luck because of stomachproblems, although the food was prepared with love).

Stage 5: routechoices in the technical butterfly from Desmond Franssen (H21E - Belgium)

Belgian runners:
In H21E class 4 Belgian runners were present. In the final results Quentin De Neyer (best Belgian athlete) became 13th, a few minutes faster than his brother.
Junior class: Nicloas Ludovicy (jwoc runner) became 11th in H20elite. This class surely had some high level runners: in middle distance (the same route than HE) they ran faster than H21E-winners twice.
Youngsters: In class H16 Julien Gillet won 4 races and logically won the total event. Also his brother won his class (H14). In class D16 Fanny Tilkin performed strong twice (2nd at day 3 and 4). In the micro-o, she showed her speed again by gaining the 2nd place of all girls and women.

Bad luck:
During the last stage a Belgian runner from omega (Jan Lemmens) had some problems with the stony underground. He had to cancell his race due to a broken arm/elbow. We wish him all the best and hope to see him again in the forest very soon.

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