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donderdag, januari 04, 2018

Sylvester 5-days: Omova and Bloemen

Last week the Sylvester 5-days took place in the north of Belgium. After 5 stages the victory in womens class was for the Czech runner Michaela Omova. In class H21E Belgian national team runner Tristan Bloemen was clearly the strongest.

Stage 2 - Zwarte Weg - routes Michaela Omova

This 5-days event took place in 5 different places in Flanders. It means that every day you can discover a new kind of terrain. But most maps are rather fast runnable and include many paths and detailed contourlines. The headlight of the 2017 edition was stage 3 on 'Zwarte Weg' in Leopoldsburg with a lot of controls in the trenches.

Podium D21E: Michaela Omova (1), Tereza Janosikova (2) and Greet Oeyen (3)

In class D21E Michaela Omova won 3 out of 5 competitions. For the overall ranking it was a close fight with her Czech friend Tereza Janosikova. The JWOC silver medalist won the other 2 stages and finished in 2nd position overall. The Belgian Greet Oeyen finished in 3rd position, just ahead of the Finnish runner Anna Moilanen.

Omova during the last stage (Photo: Frank Weyler)

The winner Michaela Omova commented about the Sylvester 5-days: This competition was a very nice choice for me how to spend last days of the year. It was perfect to spend it by activities I love, with my orienteering friends, who want to spend it by the same way. I had great time in Belgium and i'm thankful that I could be there. I liked to run every stage in a bit different type of terrain even though it was still flat. But this real flat terrain with a lot of micro relief is not common here in the Czech republic so I enjoyed to explore something new very much. Thanks a lot to the organizers for the efforts, i've enjoyed it very much.

Podium H21E: Tristan Bloemen (1), Joost Talloen (2) and Desmond Franssen (3)

In H21E the fight for the victory was less exciting. Tristan Bloemen won 4 stages and obviously also the overall ranking. Specially the last stage he won with a clear lead. In 2nd spot (with 1 victory) we had Joost Talloen. Desmond Franssen (3rd), Thomas van der Kleij (4th) and junior Mathias Blaise (5th) made it a Belgian top-5.

Stage 1 Horensberg: routes Michaela Omova

Next year same place and same time, we hope to welcome you for Sylvester 5-days 2018 with other interesting maps and terrains.

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