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zondag, december 27, 2015

Sylvester 5days: Brandt and Denisova

Today the 2nd stage of Sylvester 5-days took place in the Netherlands, Ossendrecht. The map hasn't been used since the Belgian middle distance championships 2008. It was more than 7 years ago that this beautiful terrain was used for orienteering.

Map D21E (with routechoices from Anastasia Denisova)

In class H21E Christoph Brandt had an early starttime today. He had a good race untill he made a big mistake at the 16th control in the open area. His speed in this tough terrain was good enough to compensate this mistake and he won the race ahead of Pieter Hendrickx (2nd).
Both Sergey Fedatsenka (3rd) and Desmond Franssen (4th) lost more than 1min30 at the 14th control, which wasn't placed correctly (even outside the controlcircle) by the organisors. But even without this mistake they weren't able to beat Brandt today.
Thomas van der Kleij (5th), Jeroen Hoekx (6th), Bojan Blumenstein (7th) and Ueli Werren (8th) are still fighting for the podium in the overall ranking. Also the young Swiss runner lost crucial time at control 14 and made a big mistake towards the 2nd last control.

Trolrunners analysing the race with the coursesetter at the finish

In women's class the Belarus national team runner, Anastasia Denisova was outstanding. She liked todays terrain, but she expected a more challenging coursesetting. "It was a pitty that some technical (green parts with detailed contourlines) areas weren't used in todays course. My performance was good and stable. I felt strong and only made a mistake at control 10".
Ausrine Kutkaite (LTU) finished 2nd more than 4 minutes behind. Greet Oeyen (leading the overall ranking) finished 3rd, ahead of Kim Geypen (4th), Indre Valaite (5th) and Josephine Greiner (6th).

Anastasia Denisova at WUOC 2014 (2nd in sprint distance)

Results stage 2
Splittimes stage 2
Map H21E (Desmond Franssen)
Map D21E (Anastasia Denisova)
Map and article (Ausrine Kutkaite)


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