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zaterdag, december 26, 2015

Sylvester 5days: map and results stage 1

For good weather during a winter trainingscamp, there is no need to travel to Spain or Portugal. Today the Sylvester 5-days in Belgium started with a sunny and warm day at Kattevenia. In men's class the German Christoph Brandt took the victory and in women's class Greet Oeyen won the race.

Kattevenia wasn't announced as the best map of the Sylvester 2015 edition, but the coursesetter did a good job and made the race interesting. Christoph Brandt enjoyed the race. He made a 1 minute mistake towards the 3rd control, but had a very good race afterwards. Pieter Hendrickx also had a good running speed and finished 2nd, 23 seconds behind. 
The young Swiss athlete, Ueli Werren, already experienced the Belgian terrains at JEC2014. He finsihed today in 3rd position, ahead of the German national team athlete, Bojan Blumenstein. Also Johann Tinchant, Benjamin Anciaux and Marvin Goericke can still fight for the podium in the overall ranking.

Christoph Brandt in action at Worldcup in Arosa

In women's class the overall victory in 2014 was for the Belgian orienteer, Greet Oeyen. Also in 2015 she's one of the favourits after winning the first stage. Kim Geypen (2nd), Liesbeth Van de Velde (3rd) and Josephine Greiner (4th) are still close and maybe can take revenge tomorrow.

Tomorrow we can expect the most technical stage at Ossendrecht. According to Jan-Gerard van der Toorn (who is one of the organisors tomorrow) the map had a big update (see photos below). We are curious who will fight for the victory tomorrow with some new runners at the startline.

 Ossendrecht 2015 fragment

Ossendrecht old fragment


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