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dinsdag, december 29, 2015

Sylvester 5days: again Germany and Oeyen

Today Germany took a 3rd victory in class H21E. This time it was Bojan Blumenstein who was the strongest in Ravels. In women's class Greet Oeyen took her 2nd victory in 4 days.

The 4th stage took place in Ravels. The terrain is different compared with the previous days. First of all it was totally flat, almost no contourlines. The runability was worse than yesterday and the map was renewed by a Lithuanian mapmaker. Finally it looks like the terrain suited Bojan Blumenstein very well. The German athlete is used to tough terrains in Norway and won the race by 13 seconds ahead of Christoph Brandt (who is almost sure about the overall victory now). Pieter Hendrickx finished 3rd after a mistake at control 12.
Bjarne Friedrichs (GER), Ueli Werren (SUI) and Johann Tinchant (FRA) completed the top-6.

Bojan Blumenstein in action at WOC 2015 (mixed sprint relay)

In women's class Denisova and Geypen were absent today (and tomorrow). Greet Oeyen secured the overall victory by winning the 4th stage in Ravels. Specially in the end she was stronger than her opponent Liesbeth van de Velde. We are curious if she'll also try to win the last stage (with her husband as coursesetter) or she'll give a christmaspresent to her opponents.
Josephine Greiner (GER) finished as 3rd today and will fight for the silver medal tomorrow against van de Velde.

Results stage 3
Splittimes stage 3
Map (H21E - Desmond Franssen)
Map (H21E - Bojan Blumenstein)
Overall ranking


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