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zaterdag, mei 29, 2010

Belgian 3 days

Last week the Belgian 3 days took place in the south of the country. The sunny weather, nice maps and almost 1000 competitors made this event very nice and interesting. In class H21E Fabien Pasquasy was outstanding, he won every stage (including the long distance world ranking event). The Frenchman Johann Tinchant finished in 2nd position ahead of Thomas van der Kleij (3rd).

Maps H21E (Ken Peeters): Day 1, Day2a and Day2b, Day3

Joost Talloen at the Belgian 3-days 2010

In class D21E, the fight was more close. The 3rd stage decided about the overall victory. At the end it was the Polish runner Dorota Kosinska who took the victory ahead of Greet Oeyen and Kim Geypen. Kosinska also won the WRE at the 2nd day.

Maps: Day1, Day2, Day3 (Yannick Michiels, H20)

Tomorrow the 4th national event will take place in the north of Belgium. In elite class almost only Flemish runners are present (startlist). The other runners are probably preparing theirselves for the Belgian mountain running champs. And Bart Delobel is the only Belgian runners who represent our contry at the Europan champs (more info: EOC website - Blog B. Delobel). Tomorrow he'll run the sprint qualification race (in urban area, a forest part and even sanddunes on the map).


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    Startlijst sprint qualificatie;

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    Bel ranking is uptodate:


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