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maandag, april 14, 2008

3 days of Belgium coming closer.

Main event in Belgium this year, the 3 Days of Belgium count at this time 939 registered runners : people from France, Germany, Switzerland, Great-Britain, Holland, Spain, Denmark, amongst 18 countries.
Some interesting routechoices have been posted on the webpage of the event

We hope the forest will look more like the 2nd. At least the comments of some preruns that have been made were like this:

- Terrains are beautiful and not too steep- The courses are fun and the technique does really well fit the category- The forests are well-stocked with game (wild boars, deers,...) and May flowers will be wonderful!

Besides the races a fun atmosphere will be ensured by the "Fun O'club" team which is preparing a sprint relay, a rock concert and other entertaining stuff.
If you still want to register you have to be fast. After 15th April 2008, a less attractive price will be applied and the final closing date is Thursday 1st May 2008. Also for the WRE which is the 2nd day of the 3days there is a deadline at 27th of april.