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zondag, oktober 21, 2007

Hendrickx and Tulleneers in leagues final

Not Pieter Hendrikcx won todays final in the national league, but his brother Tomas was the quickest. Fast running and perfect control taking was the key to win todays race. In this middle distance with lots of direction changing he was 40 seconds faster than Jeroen van der Kleij. Early starting, and top favourite, Pieter Hendrickx could only finish in third spot. He did not match his top speed and made some smaller mistakes. Alain Mazy lost the thirth position by only 3 seconds. His increasing form the last months has definatly led to a nice result.

Pieter Hendrickx - Photo by i-ol, 09.09.07

Veerle Tulleneers revenched after last weeks collapse in the sprint champs. She turned a ninth spot there, into a victory in todays middle distance. With a very small margin, Aline Hermans became second. Kim Geypen finished in third spot, 3 minutes behind.

M21E - 7200m

1. Tomas Hendrickx 0:38:36
2. Jeroen van der Kleij 0:39:18
3. Pieter Hendrickx 0:39:40
4. Alain Mazy 0:39:43
5. Thomas van der Kleij 0:39:58
6. Jeroen Hoekx 0:40:37

W21E - 5800m

1. Veerle Tulleneers 0:39:08
2. Aline Hermans 0:39:47
3. Kim Geypen 0:42:54
4. Anne-Françoise Hennen 0:50:09
5. Lieke Van Opstal 0:53:46
6. Kristel Mertens 0:54:18

(thanks to vladi)


  • At 21/10/07 21:14, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    Het was een snelle soms zware wedstrijd. In die zware zones hadden laatstarters (zoals ik vandaag) wel grote voordelen.
    Hoewel sporen in vlaanderen niet altijd recht naar de post leiden

    It was a fast sometimes heavy competition. In those heavy areas late starters (Like me today ) however had large advantages.
    Although the traces in Flanders not always go straight to the control. ;-)

  • At 22/10/07 11:27, Anonymous Desmond said…

    Splittimes zijn er ondertussen ook:


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