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vrijdag, september 22, 2006

Technical training for World Cup France

Use following training maps of Øystein Kvaal Østerbø map1 map2 and maps of world cup selection for Belgium map to do this training
-Look at the map for 10 seconds
-Have a look at the first leg
-Map away
Now ask yourself:
-what is the first point of recognition?
-what is the last point of recognition?
-what is the distance from last point of recognition till control?
-what's the object of the control?
-in which direction is the next checkpoint

Look again at the map, control if it was right what you memorized
-Look to the next leg again for 10 seconds, ...

Do this exercise again with the training maps of Øystein, this time all blue and yellow are not allowed to be a point of recognition.


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