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zaterdag, september 16, 2006

Gold for Tero Föhr and Minna Kauppi

After a non-surprising qualification race in the morning all favorites started in the final.
Petteri Muukkonen (MS Parma) was the first favorite to start in the final. He ended in 33'02". A very strong time. It was Tero Föhr (Vehkalahden Veikot) who could beat this time by 30 seconds. He had a very good raceand it would be very difficult to beat his time.
Matthias Merz (Rajamäen Rykmentti) ended in 34'15" almost 2 minutes after Tero. He could not get the level of the swiss championship 1 week ago. Jörgen Wickholm (IF Sibbo-Vargarna) had a good race but finished 50 seconds slower than Tero.

Pasi Ikonen (Vaajakosken Terä-favorite of the poll) could catch Jarkko Liuha (Vehkalahden Veikot) who started 2 minutes in front of him. But at the finish he was not fast enough to beat the very strong time of Tero Föhr.
Jarkko Huovila (Halden SK --> Tampereen Pyrintö) made too many mistakes and ended up in 16the place. Antii Harju (Kalevan Rasti) could get close to the splits of Tero. He catched Jarkko but they both made a mistake at the second last control. Harju finished 50 seconds too late and ended in 5th place. Jani Lakanen (Vaajakosken Terä) was the last one who could beat Tero. But he made 2 little mistakes and ended in the same time as Pasi. They both got bronze.

Minna Kauppi (Asikkalan Raikas) was the absolute favorite in women's class. She made a mistake of 50 seconds but was still much faster than all the rest. Maria Rantala (Angelniemen Ankkuri) was 2nd. Bodil Holmström (Turun Suunnistajat) finished in 3th place.
Heli Jukkola (Rastikarhut) a bit disappointing finished 4th.

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