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zondag, september 18, 2011

Krier is the first to beat Olle Kärner in Belgium

Since a month the Estonian national team runner, Olle Karner, started living in Belgium. Up to now he won all races, where he showed up at the startline. But today, at the national middle distance race in Arlon, it turned out differently.

No starttime problems, a technical area, a nice map and use the compass were the ingredients from todays competition. Jean-francois Krier already performed strong some months ago during the Transforestiere 2011 in this same area. Last week, during the long distance champs, he suffered physically during the 2nd part of the race. But today he showed that he can handle a middle distance in his favourit terrain. He ran a really good race and succeeded to take the victory. He was almost 2 minutes faster than the Estonian favourit, Karner. Desmond Franssen finished in 3rd position, 7 seconds behind Karner. Michel Bastin became 4th, Francois Van der Ouderaarde 5th and the revelation from last week, Benjamin Anciaux, became 6th.
An other favourit, Andrei Pijak, show up in his new-Swedish-team-outfit (from OK Tisaren). But he had an offday and finished in 13th position.

Jean-francois Krier during the Belgian relay champs 2011

In womens class some good runners were absent. It was Asub who dominated this class with a victory (Béatrice De Longueville) and a 3rd position (Vinciane Mulpas). Véronique Bastin lost the close fight for the victory and came in as 2nd today.

Map (with routechoices Desmond Franssen)
Map (with routechoices Michel Bastin)


  • At 18/9/11 22:59, Anonymous o-fan said…

    nice splitgraph:

  • At 4/10/11 10:17, Blogger Le Roux said…


    I hoop some of you will read this so we can begin a discussion.
    There's now a discussion in team commission between .. and .. about WOC 2012 selections. The position of flanders representants is to organize the selection races in Belgium (where in Belgium is not the point). They are arguing that going abroad would be too expensive, opinion of the runners.

    My position, as the one of Jean-Noel, Christian and Jacques is that the selection should be in Switzerland or nearby, on similar terrains. The point is that a selection race should be on a relevant terrain for WOC, on a hard terrain and before all : neutral. This time the world championship isn't far from here and there are ways of making the trip not too expensive so it is possible to satisfy these criterias.

    I would like to know who is really interested in WOC2012 and, if they are, do they totally agree with Patrick with the organization of selection in Belgium. Please let us know what's really your opinion because right now there is some dead end in commission.

    See you,

    Gilles De Neyer

  • At 5/10/11 13:34, Anonymous Fabi said…

    Selection races abroad (fairness) in relevant terrain is the best option. There is no sense to have something else if you want to be prepared (as we don't any similar terrain at home). Some believed we have some kind of terrain of... this misunderstanding could the cause of bad result.

    Travelling 550km is not far and expansive at all for an orienteers who travelled more far away to have 5 or 6 days in holidays.

    Please don't do this mistake.

  • At 5/10/11 15:01, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Het is niet mijn gewoonte om te reageren op bepaalde commentaren op de Laatste Post ( Ik heb mij hiertoe in het verleden al wel eens laten verleiden ) maar dit keer wil ik toch even reageren op de discussie die jullie willen op gang brengen over de plaats waar de selectiewedstrijden voor de WOC 2012 moeten plaatsvinden omdat mijn naam ( Patrick ) is gevallen !!!
    Als je dat doet spreek mij dan hierover persoonlijk aan en niet via de laatste post mijne heren .
    Vooreerst wil ik jullie zeggen dat ik ook voorstander ben om selectiewedstrijden te houden op terrein dat relevenant is aan het terrein van de WOC . Dit is in het verleden niet altijd het geval geweest . Vorig jaar in de Savoie wel, maar twee jaar geleden zijn we ook naar Frankrijk getrokken ( Auvergne ) om de selectiewedstrijden te houden voor de WOC in Noorwegen . Deze terreinen in de Auvergne waren TOTAAL niet relevant aan de terreinden in Noorwegen. Dus waarom zo ver gaan en een zo vermoeiend weekend doen voor de selecties als het toch niet relevant is , dan was het beter in Belgie geweest .
    Het is ook zo dat deze weekends niet alleen vermoeiend zijn ( vele atleten moeten ook nog de vrijdag werken , denk daar maar eens aan ) het kost ook redelijk wat geld .
    Voor jullie FRSO atleten is het natuurlijk eenvoudig . Als ik zie wat het verschil is tussen hetgeen jullie deelnemers moeten betalen voor het selectieweekend t.o.v de VVO atleten dan zouden jullie ook wel anders spreken .
    Het voorstel om de selectiewedstrijden in Belgie te houden is niet alleen een voorstel van mij ( Patrick ) maar van de VVO !!!! dit om de kostprijs naar beneden te halen .
    Er is nu eenmaal in ons ingewikkeld landje een verschil tussen de atleten van de verschillende federaties ( VVO - FRSO ) wat ik ook spijtig vind maar helaas zo is.
    De kosten zouden voor alle atleten die deelnemen aan selectieweekend ( VVO EN FRSO ) volgens mij hetzelfde moeten zijn. Wij gaan tenslotte allemaal Belgie vertegenwoordigen op de WOC , niet !!
    Ik ben er ook zeker van dat we in Belgie min of meer relevante terreinen kunen vinden om de selecties te houden , wat jullie er ook van denken ( identiek dezelfde terreinen natuurlijk niet)
    De beste atleten komen er toch steeds uit eender in welk terrein je de selecties doet ( nogmaals ik ben ook voorstander om een zo relevenat mogelijk terrein te gebruiken )
    Ik vind ook dat de coaches de selecties moeten maken aan de hand van verschillende wedstrijden ( selectiewedstrijden EN andere wedstrijden ) en hun selectie opmaken met atleten waarvan zij denken dat zij de beste resultaten kunnen halen op de WOC van dat jaar
    De laatste jaren zijn we niet steeds met de beste atleten van dat moment naar de WOC gegaan en dat zou wel kunnen indien de selectie op deze manier zou gebeuren .
    De laatste jaren is de verhouding tussen de atleten die deelnamen aan de WOC steeds ongeveer 3/4 é in het voordeel van de VVO geweest ( Alhoewel de beste atleet nog steeds Fabien is , daar is geen twijfel over )
    Er is steeds rekening gehouden met hetgeen de FRSO voorstelde ( waar selecties houden ) Wel nu mag er ook eens rekening gehouden worden met het standpunt van VVO .


  • At 5/10/11 16:58, Anonymous Fabi said…

    My opinion below is an hypothesis as I don't know really all details from each federation side who are STILL MANAGED BY DEMOCRATIC organs (Administration and Sport Commissions). So I don't want to offence anybody and here below a personnal and still hypothetical theory.

    Regarding Patrick arguments, FRSO have more money for their athletes so he wants to have selection races here in Belgium to have more fair and opportunity for flemish runners to join (which is a really good point).

    My little point of view (anyone with other data could maybe correct me and I repeat myself I don't want to blame anybody) is that VVO has as much as money as FRSO. The quote part to Elite athletes is different and thus there is a difference between how much an athlete has to pay. VVO have a lot organizations, trainings, runners , clubs and are very well structured (I would like to have such strong club in FRSO side) but how they contribue to their Elite compare to FRSO? It's a choice I don't blame as everybody, every clubs or sport federation do what they want (we live in a democracy).

    To have clear view, WOC runners fees were this year totally different for each runners which is not funny. By adding support from federation and then clubs aids we'll probably (as I heard) have this order to see who paied more than who :

    Mieke < Fabien = more or less Jeroen < Yannick < Thomas

    But what are the goals ?
    Make any choice and still have no Elite sport support or like France who become 20 years ago to support their Elite runners and nowadays have results like no one could dream of in the past. Or could we have dreams and put money also for Elite athletes to run 3 selections races 550km abroad to represent their "nation" (I don't like this term nowadays).

    It's just a choice.

    Many respects to all

  • At 5/10/11 23:37, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I think selection races in Switzerland might be more relevant, but selection races closer (homeground) would give about the same result and be cheaper. I just don't want another discussion and just participate in whatever the coaches/federations decide. I don't think we will be saving or losing the world with this topic. If one thinks the location of the selection races means the end of the world to him, I'd advice him to take a look a little furter. There are bigger problems in the world. if you really wanna go to WOC, you know what to do. If the extra federation costs are too high, nothing stopt you from changing federation or country. It's not the end of the world, eventhough, maybe it's the end of one's world. In that case I'm afraid it's a poor world.
    Swiss or homeground, if want to go to WOC, I know what to do.

    Bart Delobel

  • At 6/10/11 09:51, Blogger Le Roux said…

    I actually know that your opinion is than selection in Belgium can bring more runners. It's why I ask : WHO ARE ALL THESE MANY RUNNERS who would like to participate the selection? As far as I know, most flemish runners, like walloon, travel each year a lot for orienteering. Thus, if the main goal of the season is the WOC in Switzerland why these runners do not want to use a part of these 'orienteering days' to go there ?

    I can understand your point of view with saving money but I wonder who are the people concerned with this.

    And last but not least, I agree the only thing we have to do as runners is to train as much as we can but I don't believe you'll got the same results in Belgium or in WOC-relevant terrain, which are much more hard than here.


  • At 6/10/11 11:11, Anonymous Fabi said…

    It's not the end of the world of course.

    I agree more runners, more strong the team will be (emulation).

    But where could we do fair selection races in Belgium ? On new map somewhere ?

    The question for me or what I'm asking for is more money for Elite as Motivated Athletes + Structure and coaches + Money = results few years later.

    But of course it's cheaper to pick runners on paper list of runner (like a lottery). Only coaches and deciders has to travel to the meeting point.

    Of course it's not a dead end to have selection races at home but it's not the best way of developing Elite runners.

  • At 6/10/11 14:43, Blogger dries said…

    Guys, please... are you really discussing if selection races should be run in relevant terrain or not?
    I hope not. For WOC 2013 in finland you can not do a selection race at "kamp van beverlo" it will not start making comparisons towards cycling or other sports.

    2 questions remain.
    Question 1 is: "is Belgium relevant terrain for WOC 2012? I think the answer is Yes, just look at WOC 2012
    All terrains described as "Plateau" are similar to Belgium. The others(not that many) are not.

    The last remaining question is: can selections be fare if they are run in Belgium. Is that the question? Than please just make rules about "how to organise selection races for WOC in Belgium". include the topic "embargoed area", "start interval" and "foreigners participating" ;-)

    Maybe somebody should write a book about: "selection races of the Belgian national team", ;-). Would be hilarious.

    1 more news topic: I will not be candidate for the national team anymore for 2012. maybe a reason for the come back of others ;-), just want to wish all athletes and coaches the best for the future.


  • At 7/10/11 06:50, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    wat met selecties voor de sprint op woc? dit kan men beter op een ander weekend doen, moet dit nog in het overvol selectieweekend gebeuren.
    bekijken wie er voor deze afstand voor wil gaan. daarvoor dan een selectiewedstrijd of weekend voor houden.

  • At 7/10/11 09:42, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Hippodroom in Oostende lijkt mij alvast relevant terrein waar weinig orienteurs tot op heden hebben gelopen.

  • At 7/10/11 10:36, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Don't we have a map in Belgium which is called 'Petite Suisse'? This is relevant terrain and will definitely be selective enough to seperate strong from weak.

    No need to travel 800km to find out which one of the 3 candidates can qualify :-).

  • At 7/10/11 14:28, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    We even have mini Europa!
    Perfect to do selection for sprint races, honest for everyone since no one ran there before, and it's relevant for each European sprint terrain, no?
    Hippodroom OK, maar dan wel nog even bekijken hoe we de startvolgorde zullen doen, Bel-ranking, worldranking, ...

  • At 7/10/11 18:45, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Startvolgorde sprint maak niet veel uit, na deftige fysieke test blijven er nog enkele anonieme over.

  • At 8/10/11 20:07, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Morgen begint het wintercriterium...

    Zalig! Kan het leven van een orienteur niet fantastisch zalig eenvoudig zijn?

  • At 10/10/11 13:41, Blogger Le Roux said…

    I'm disappointed to see no one really answer the question. When I look this I have the feeling that no flemish runner is candidate ? Hard to believe ...

    There's actually a map called "la petite suisse' which has nothing in common with terrain of WOC, just called like that because of the hard relief. There was a national event in the area of next year WOC. The terrain for middle distance has nothing to see with any belgian place. It's typical terrain from jura with stony ground, moderate relief and many details. The long distance seems to be similar to some maps of Ardennes but in the forest it's totally different as the terrain is much more difficult to run and visibility is not good at all.

  • At 12/10/11 09:13, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Het is absoluut NIET noodzakelijk een lange en vermoeiend weekend te doen om een selectie te houden . Dit kan men perfect in Belgie ook . De betere lopers komen er zo wie zo uit. Beter een keer meer met de geselecteerden naar het specifieke terrein gaan om te trainen, brengt meer op.
    Dat er zo weinig VVO atleten kandidaat gaan zijn voor volgend seizoen heeft allerlei redenen, maar één van de redenen zijn de selectienormen en de uitsluitende fysieke test . Doe een fysieke test zeer zeker maar maak het niet uitsluitend . Selecteer op orientatiekunde EN fysiek vermogen. De halstarrige houding van FRSO kant speelt ook mee in gans dit verhaal .


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