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maandag, september 07, 2009

Wilssens & Hendrickx at World Mountain Running Championship

Belgian orienteers Koen Wilssens and Pieter Hendrickx became 56th and 113th at the World Mountain Running Championships. Hendrickx was also representing Belgium at the World Orienteering Championships.

A swiss orienteer, David Schneider(Vehkaladen Veikot), became 21th. Being 4.29 behind, he was the 10th european. Schneider didn't make it to the WOC this year, but has a 4th place from 2003 and 2005. Romanian Ionut Zinca from Wing OK was 32th and Lukas Bartak(OK Tisaren) from Slovakia was 52th.

Geoffrey Kusuro(photo) from Uganda won the race, almost 1 minute in front of Azerya Weldemariam and James Kibet.

IAAF article


  • At 7/9/09 23:48, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Ionut Zinc is the component at Sports Club University of Craiova (Romania) and is supported by the club.

  • At 8/9/09 08:38, Blogger sofie said…

    Bij de vrouwen een mooie 46e plaats voor Kathryn Ewels, een Australische OL-ster die tevens 5e werd op WOC sprint dit jaar!


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