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maandag, oktober 07, 2013

Flemish relay champs 2013: map and results

Last week Kol (men elite) and Omega (women elite) were victorious at the Belgian relay championships. But yesterday during the Flemish relay champs, the other Flemish clubs dominated the whole race. Already after the 1st leg it was clear that Hamok and Trol would fight for the victory. Hamok changed over in 1st (Hoekx) and 2nd spot (van der Kleij). Positions 3 untill 8 were taken by 5 Trol runners in a row (Franssen D, Genar, Franssen, W, Pelckmans and Vervoort).
The 2nd leg made the competition even more exciting. 3 runners finished almost together (Deferme, Van Dyck and Mertens). During the last leg the Trol runners were the strongest. Wiet Laenen (Trol) finished ahead of Anna Serrallonga (Trol) and Greet Oeyen (Hamok).

Toon Melis (hamok) and Wannes Hendrickx (Kol) leading in the mass start

Hoekx and van der Kleij in the lead at the spectatorscontrol

Trol and hamok are ready for the next mass start races: Gp Melis and Flemish night relay

The podium of the relay with Trol as winning team (Vervoort - Van Dyck - Laenen)

The podium in the family relay with Keupens - Keupens - Keupens as winners



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