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vrijdag, december 28, 2012

Sylvester day 3: again T. Hendrickx and Fabré

A short and late review about todays competition, because the focus is on the important WRE race tomorrow.  The map and coursesetting were interesting and demanding today. The butterfly control was placed in the middle of the detailed area. The forest was slippery and tough because of all the rain the previous days. The winners were exactly the same names as during the first stage.

In class H21 Tomas Hendrickx won his 2nd race. He is also the current leader in the overall ranking. He lost some time at the 4th and 5th control, but from then on he ran a good race. In the end he had some profit from Jeroen Hoekx (5th) who started 2 minutes ahead of him. In 2nd position we find back Pieter Hendrickx. He was the fastest runner in the race but made one big mistake, which made him lose the race. The 3rd spot was taken by the hamok runner Thomas van der Kleij (one of the favourits for the overall ranking). He was 20 seconds faster than Ondrej Pijak (the Slovakian athlete started really fast but couldn't keep his pace untill the end of the race).

1. Tomas HENDRICKX BEL K.O.L. 39:08 5'04"
2. Pieter HENDRICKX BEL K.O.L. 39:32 5'07" +0:24
3. Thomas VAN DER KLEIJ BEL hamok 40:06 5'11" +0:58
4. Pijak ONDREJ SVK Kobra Bratislava 40:27 5'14" +1:19
5. Jeroen HOEKX BEL hamok 41:26 5'22" +2:18

Aleksi Anttolainen (9th posistion H21) during todays race

In womens class Miek Fabré was outstanding today. She explained that her legs felt better than yesterday and made only a few smaller mistakes. She won the race 3min30 ahead of Sophie Tritschler and she was even 7 minutes faster than Victoria Stevens.

1. Miek FABRÉ BEL Omega 40:49 6'46"
2. Sophie TRITSCHLER SUI OLG Zürich 44:19 7'20" +3:30
3. Victoria STEVENS GBR Individuals/No club 47:52 7'56" +7:03
4. Mira SCHEIR BEL K.O.L. 48:20 8'00" +7:31
5. Anna SERRALLONGA ESP TROL 49:00 8'07" +8:11

Tomorrow is the world ranking event on Sonnisheide and then we'll see the Finnish toprunner Hannu Airila at the startline. The other favourit Fabien Pasquasy won't show up because he's sick since 3 weeks and he's also suffering an injury. We are curious how the fresh runners (Hannu Airila, Christoph Brandt (?), Ken Peeters, Frank Buytaert, Benjamin Lepoutre, Bart Delobel, Michael Van Baelen, ...) will perform compared to the runners who run the whole sylvester 5-days.

Photos (Kimmo Hirvonen)
Map (Desmond Franssen - H21)
Map (Thomas van der Kleij - H21)
Map (Anna Serrallonga - D21)