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zaterdag, november 21, 2009

Peeters wins first night competition: map and results

Yesterday the first individual night competition of the new season took place in 'Bos Van Hees'. In mens class Ken Peeters showed his good shape. He began his race with a 2 minutes mistake, but after that warning he performed very strong. He overtook Thomas van der Kleij and together they ran to the victory. Ken Peeters is obviously the new leader in the overall nightranking.

Thomas van der Kleij took the 2nd spot and Desmond Franssen became 3rd with a little margin ahead of Jan Oeyen (4th). Last years night king, Wim Vervoort, finished in 9th position today.
In womens class Greet Oeyen took the victory in class 1 and Leen Wouters won class 2.

You can read the reports from several runners on their attackpoint log: Ken Peeters, Thomas van der Kleij, Desmond Franssen, Jan Oeyen, Dries van der Kleij and Joost Talloen.

Next week the 2nd individual night race will take place in a technical area (Balendijk) with a mass start. A lot of strong runners will be present at the startline (even Alexander Lubina from Germany). Don't forget to register for this competition as soon as possible at the mass start by night website.

Map (routechoices Ken Peeters)
Map (routechoices Desmond Franssen)


  • At 22/11/09 19:08, Anonymous jan d said…

  • At 23/11/09 10:09, Blogger dries said…

    list of entries looks good for MSBN!!
    Will be an interesting competition... Look forward to it.

    Just a tip for the organisers: have 2 punching units at the first and the last few controls.

    Hard to pick a top 3, but this is mine:
    1. Ken Peeters
    2. Tom Herremans
    3. Jeroen Hoekx

  • At 23/11/09 14:20, Blogger JeroenH said…

    I won't compete, Dries.

    I am in the list because I added myself to test the system :-)

  • At 23/11/09 18:59, Blogger dries said…

    if you do things like this in your new job you will get fired Jeroen.

    Now I have to pick another number 3... mmmm. Well, than I go for Yannick Michiels, probably one of the fastest of the pack.

  • At 24/11/09 12:14, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Lubina is more fast he was almost selected for the olympic games if didn't had a injure
    his personal records

    1500m 3'45
    3000m 7'54
    5000m 13'38
    10000m 28'29
    10km 29'02
    Half marathon 64'20
    Marathon 2:21'27

  • At 24/11/09 14:27, Blogger dries said…

    At the moment he might even be the fastest orienteer in men elite class ...

    However there was Carsten Jorgenson, the Danish runner who was faster than him about a decade ago.
    10,000 Metres 27:54.76 Lisboa 04/04/1998
    Half Marathon 1:01:55 Uster 27/09/1998

    Fastest Belgian orienteer ever Eddy Hellebuyck is even faster. Born in Deinze and lived in Leopoldsburg - member of Ham O.K. at the time.
    10K - 27:51
    Half-Marathon - 1:00:49
    Marathon - 2:11:50 & 2:11:53

    But like Eddy also Alexander has never "ran a flat price" ;-) in a big orienteering event.

  • At 24/11/09 15:48, Anonymous Desmond said…

    It's only the qualification heat and we are talking about sprint distance. But it's still impressive:

    WOC 2008- he won his qualification heat in the sprint. Was 19th in the final- the best result ever for Germany in the sprint.

    Results WOC 2008 Sprint qualification

  • At 26/11/09 17:29, Blogger An said…

    Ik ga voor de laatste plaats :)
    iemand moet het doen he...

  • At 28/11/09 22:05, Blogger dries said…

    Zat er niet zo ver af met mijn pronostiek...


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