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woensdag, november 22, 2006


At its meeting on 18-19 November 2006, Council decided that, for the 2007 World Cup, the maximum number of runners allocated to a federation be 8, and that the minimum number of runners be 3. Further, Council decided that the national quota be based on the total points of the
10 leading athletes per nation in the Federation League Table as published on 1st January 2007, and that each group would include 3 countries.
The allocation of places will thus be:
•Top 3 nations get 8 places
•Next 3 nations (nations 4-6) get 7 places
•Next 3 nations (nations 7-9) get 6 places
•Next 3 nations (nations 10-12) get 5 places
•Next 3 nations (nations13-15) get 4 places
•All other nations (nation 16 onwards) get 3 places.
In addition, Council has asked the Foot Orienteering Commission to provide advice regarding the implications of having 8 events (6+2 events in final round) count for a competitor’s total score.

This is a relieve for many runners. Many athletes were already planning to focus only on WOC in 2007 but now this might change again.