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donderdag, september 17, 2009

Trol wins relay H. Petit

Today the relay Hugues Petit took place in the south of Belgium (Bertrix). In this event, every team needs 4 members: 1 cross country runner and 3 orienteering runners. It's a pitty that a lot of military runners were absent because of the world champs in Estonia.

At the startline of the cross country race, a lot of strong runners were present. But Koen Wilssens (Trol1) was outstanding. He finished in the lead, more than 1 minute ahead of the other runners (Tim Stessens in 2nd spot).
After this race, it was up to the orienteers. Surprisingly it was Winston Franssen (Trol2) who was in the lead at the spectatorscontrol. He started 6 minutes behind the leaders (Jeremy Genar was the cross country runner in Trol2), but he overtook everyone. At the finishline W. Franssen changed over in 1st position and he even ran the best individual time of all orienteers.

Winston Franssen at the 5-days in Spain

But Trol2 didn't succeed to stay in the lead untill the end of the race. Finally (during the last leg) Trol1 with Koen Wilssens, Karl Vervoort, Wim Vervoort and Ken Peeters (2nd best individual time) took the victory. The military team 2/4L (Serge Baerts as 3rd runner) became second and Trol2 finished in third position.
Officially 2/4L won this event, only military teams are allowed to win, because they had the best accumulated time of 2 teams.



  • At 22/9/09 11:25, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Verslag van Ken Peeters op attackpoint:

    Orienteering 39:32 [3] *** 6.1 km (6:29 / km) C
    spiked:15/16c shoes: VJ integrator
    Hugues Petit relay. Koen Wilssens started the cross country and finished alone with already a nice lead to other strong teams. I ran as last one and we were already in a comfortable lead (I had to caught Paul Ooms, but he is H55 and ran eventually a very good race). So I decided to train today instead of running at full speed. Unfortunately I missed the 5 th control which was very well hidden in the green forest.
    Nice course and due to my good team we could take the 1st price home. Trol2 finished as 3th with a strong run of Winston Franssen (from place 29 to place 1).

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