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woensdag, november 25, 2015

Sylvester 5days: first entry deadline

So far there has been much interest for the Sylvester 5-days in the north of Belgium. By 25th november 106 foreign participants have registered for this event. Traditionally more than 350 Belgian participants show up every day. This figure gives an indication that the end of december will once again be a real festival. 

Last year 120 foreign athletes registered before the first entry deadline (1st of December). We still have 5 days to break this record. The registrations are encouraging for the ongoing work from the organisation. They now have the confirmation that their concept in Flanders is attracting many orienteers. Probably many people will take the opportunity to combine the orienteering with a holiday in the north of Belgium (with some interesting cities like Brugge, Brussel and Antwerpen). But ofcourse also the orienteering will be demanding and interesting, specially during stage 2 (Ossendrecht) and stage 3 (Pijnven - WRE).

The first entry deadline is in 5 days (the 1st of december) and late entries are possible untill the 16th of december. The orienteeringonline website is the place to be for the registration.

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