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dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006

Last national competittion and final standing of the national regularity criterium

On Sunday the last national competition of the year took place on the map "Bos & Witte Bergen" in Lichtaart. For the men elite the distance was 15860m (44 controls) and for the women elite 9090m. The forest was mostly open with many paths so fast times were expected. In the mens elite class Fabien Pasquasy was the winner with a time of 1:22:21, which means a kilometertime of 5'11". Fabien won easily with a gap of around 9 minutes to the members of the club Omega Bart Delobel and Joost Talloen. They had a time of respectively 1:31:16 and 1:31:36. In the womens elite class the victory was for Veerle Tulleneers in a time of 1:04:30. In second place was Greet Oeyen and in third Kim Geypen.

Men elite:
  1. Pasquasy Fabien 1:22:21
  2. Delobel Bart 1:31:16
  3. Talloen Joost 1:31:36
  4. Deferm Sam 1:35:33
  5. Herremans Tom 1:36:56

Women elite:

  1. Tulleneers Veerle 1:04:30
  2. Oeyen Greet 1:07:25
  3. Geypen Kim 1:11:29
  4. Put Els 1:16:25
  5. Hermans Goele 1:20:16


This last national competition was also the last competition that counted for the Belgian national regularity criterium and this for 150%. The final standings in the mens and womens elite classes look as follows:

Men elite:

1. Hendrickx Pieter 139
2. Gilot Jan 138
3. Delobel Bart 110
3. Pasquasy Fabien 110
5. Talloen Joost 100

Women elite:

1. Oeyen Greet 160
2. Geypen Kim 145
3. Tulleneers Veerle 110
4. Bastin Véronique 94
5. Buytaert Veerle 92

In the mens class is Pieter Hendrickx (Belgian champion Middle, Sprint and Relay) the winner with only one point ahead of Jan Gilot (Belgian champion Long and Relay). Although Pieter (6th) had a bad race Sunday, he ran better than Jan (9th) and so he could pass Jan in the ranking and become the overal winner.